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Boasting breathtaking views and myriad activities, Palm Desert has everything you desire in one of the best vacation resorts of California.

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This luxury oasis in the Coachella Valley is only a couple hours drive from Los Angeles or San Diego and provides a year round respite for people from all walks of life. 2000 years ago, Palm desert was inhabited by the Agua Caliente Indians and their healing mineral waters. The natural beauty and opulence of the area has remained unspoiled to this day. Known as a premier golf destination, Palm Desert is also an ideal place for several other natural and man-made activities. Like shopping. Plus, vacation rentals in Palm Desert are abundant. You will find even the simplest of vacation homes and condos are well maintained and hold more amenities than you would imagine.

The southern California desert architecture is noted for it’s use of glass, clean lines and use of indoor/outdoor spaces, called Desert Modernism. This style can be seen in most vacation rentals such as homes and condos, evoking a lifestyle of simple elegance and ease. That is the Palm Desert style.

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